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Toronto - Tourist & Travel Guide

Toronto has a warm summer (June-early October) filled with festivals and events, making it the best time to visit. July and August can get muggy, however. Many visitor-oriented facilities, attractions and accommodations reduce hours or close outside of summer, but the ones that remain open almost always have reduced rates and smaller crowds. Toronto gets downright frosty in winter (November-March), with cold spells averaging between 2 and minus-10°C (35-14°F). Luckily, indoor arts (symphonies, theater, opera) and sporting events (especially ice hockey) are at their liveliest during the snowy season.


Singapore - Tourist & Travel Guide

Go anytime. Climate is not a major consideration, as Singapore gets fairly steady annual rainfall. Co-ordinate your visit with one of various festivals and events: Thaipusam is a spectacular festival, occurring around February. If shopping and eating are major concerns, April is a good month as the Singapore Food Festival and in June the Great Singapore Sale is held.


American Samoa - Tourist & Travel Guide

The best time to enjoy American Samoa - and especially the island's capital - is between June and September, when the chances of fine weather are a bit better. The risk of tropical cyclones (hurricanes) is reduced at this time, too.


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