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Guinea - Tourist & Travel Guide

The cool, dry period between November and February is the best time.


Moldova - Tourist & Travel Guide

Moldova has very few culturally specific festivals or calendar highlights, and usually a trip there is combined with a trip to neighbouring Romania. It's worth taking this into consideration when deciding when to go, but as a general rule the best time to visit is September or October. May through to August can also be pleasant, although you run the risk of a snow flurry or two and low temperatures early in the season.


Cabo San Lucas - Tourist & Travel Guide

Anytime is a good time to visit Baja, right? Well, almost. In the hottest months of May to October, Cabo San Lucas is also, unfortunately, the wettest, with the occasional chubascos (tropical storm) meteorologically shaking things up. The summer highs of over 85°F (30°C) can get a little uncomfortable, too. Dodging the crowds is a real issue here, with some US university students making it this far south for wild spring breaks during March and April. Hotels and resorts fill up quickly around big US holidays too - like Memorial Day in May or even Independence Day in July - so book ahead. Savvy visitors usually avoid the tourist crowds by coming down in winter when the temperature drops as 'low' as 60°F (16°C) - hardly winter woolies weather. If you're coming for the fishing, it's best during hurricane season when rough waters stir up the big fish.


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