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New South Wales - Tourist & Travel Guide

Balmy summers and mild winters in northern NSW make this region a good place to visit year-round, though Sydney's summers might be too hot to handle if you don't like the odd 40°C (104°F) day. The winter months of June, July and August are the only time to visit the outback (it's unpleasantly hot in summer) or to try out your slaloming on the state's southern ski slopes.


Alaska - Tourist & Travel Guide

From June through August is when travelers like to range throughout the state, making the most of the 'warmer' temperatures. The peak weeks - from early July through mid-August - tend to attract colossal crowds to popular sites like Denali National Park and the Kenai Peninsula. Travel during the 'shoulder season' - May and September - offers not only mild weather, but also a good chance for off-season discounts on accommodation and transportation. Most Alaskan festivals and events take place during the summer periods of 24-hour daylight.

For the most part, the Alcan (Alaska Highway) can be driven throughout September and early October without too much fear of being holed up by blizzards. But you should still equip yourself for some cold, rainy weather. Arriving in Alaska in late April is possible in the Southeast and the Kenai Peninsula, but the Interior is usually still elbow deep in slush and mud. During October, the Southeast and Southcentral regions are pelted with rain most of the time, while in the Interior and Fairbanks there will be snow. The state is attempting to attract more visitors during the winter months (November through February) by promoting skiing and dog-sledding trips, and the prominence of the Northern Lights at this time of year; -50°F (-45°C) temperatures are the fine-print warnings.


Java - Tourist & Travel Guide

Normally, weather is the main consideration in determining when to visit Java. The dry season, from May to September, is the best time to visit. During the wet season, from October to April, the mountains are shrouded in clouds and rainfall in the highlands can dampen travel plans. Elsewhere, travel in the wet season is not usually a problem since rain seems to fall in short torrential early morning or mid-afternoon bursts. The main foreign tourist season is during the European summer in July and August, when prices rise and accommodation and transport can be tight. The main Indonesian holiday periods are the end of Ramadan, when some resorts are packed to overflowing, prices skyrocket and getting anywhere is a far-off dream. Other peak times are Christmas and Java's end of school year holidays (from mid-June to mid-July) when high school students take off by the busload to visit tourist attractions.


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