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Chicago - Tourist & Travel Guide

July and August can get really hot in Chicago, with temperatures from 80-90°F (27-32°C) and high humidity. This is also the peak of the festival season, with major events taking place in the parks and neighborhoods every weekend. September is blessed with reliably warm days and is probably the most pleasant month of the year, weather-wise, but there's less going on during this period.

January to March is when Chicago is least busy and hotels and airfares are usually at their cheapest. But it can be damp and cold - between 12°F and 29°F (-11°C and -2°C) if you're lucky - or snowy for days on end. Temperatures and brisk winds will guarantee that you'll spend most of this period indoors.


Tahiti And French Polynesia - Tourist & Travel Guide

The month-long Heiva i Tahiti festivities in July are to Tahiti what Carnaval is to Brazil and people come in droves to be part of them. The festival occurs in the drier and cooler June-through-October period which is, perhaps, the best time to visit the territory. Visitors during this period should, however, take into account the maraamu tradewinds which can bring unstable weather from the south between June and August. The weather gets warmer and more humid between November and the end of May. The Northern Hemisphere holiday periods - Christmas to the beginning of January, late February/early March, Easter, early May and the long northern-summer holiday in July-August - are busy times and flights can be hard to get.


England - Tourist & Travel Guide

July and August are the busiest months, and best avoided if at all possible. The crowds on the coast, at the national parks, in London and popular towns like Oxford, Bath and York have to be seen to be believed.


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