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San Diego - Tourist & Travel Guide

San Diego has an all-but-perfect climate, so weather-wise any time is a good time to visit. If you want to indulge in watersports and bake yourself on the beach, it's best to come between May and October, when average daily highs range from 70° to 85°F (22° to 30°C). Even in the coolest months (December and January), daily high temperatures still hover pleasantly close to 68°F (20°C). Surfing is always good, but the best conditions are from September to November, with strong swells and offshore Santa Ana winds. Gray whales head south past Point Loma from mid-December to late February and return on their way north in March.


Morocco - Tourist & Travel Guide

On the coast the weather is tourist-friendly pretty much all year round, although winter can bring cool and wet conditions in the north. In the lowlands, the cooler months from October to April are popular among visitors. This time of year is pleasantly warm to hot (around 30°C) during the day and cool to cold (around 15°C) at night. Winter in the higher regions demands some serious insulation. If you're heading into the hills, the ski season usually lasts from December to March. For most trekking trips you should book in the high season (June 15 to September 15) or you may find areas full.


Chiang Mai - Tourist & Travel Guide

Unless you don't mind almost daily torrential rain, the best time to visit Chiang Mai is between October and April, with the other months a virtual monsoonal washout. It can be quite hot, with the April average temperature 36°C (95°F). The mildest temperatures are in December and January. Nights in Chiang Mai are regularly cooler than in southern Thailand. Festivals occur throughout the year, with the bulk of them between late December and April. These provide a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the colour and spectacle of traditional Thai culture.


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