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Yemen - Tourist & Travel Guide

When you go depends on where you're going. If you're going to the Tihama, Aden or Hadhramawt, don't go in July - the heat will be unbearable. If you're heading for the highlands, December nights can be very, very cold. From October to February most of the country is dry and dusty, and in March, April and August the temperature is pleasant but you'll get very wet. April-May and September-October are probably the best bets wherever you're heading.


Tuscon - Tourist & Travel Guide

Tucson's high season lasts from mid-December to May, which is when the area's mild and sunny wintertime - coupled with the prospect of skiing at nearby Mt Lemmon - attracts North American residents from chillier, more-snowbound climes. You'll pay premium prices for hotel accommodation over this period. Other peak visitor times are major public holidays like the Memorial Day weekend (end of May) and the Labor Day weekend (beginning of September).

The period from May to September is far less popular with visitors - regardless of the fact that local hotels slash their room rates at this time - because this is when the city is at its hottest. Summer temperatures in south-central Arizona are among the highest in the USA, with the daily heat frequently surpassing 100°F (38°C) and occasionally blazing beyond 120°F (49°C). July and August can also bring monsoonal storms that contribute brief but heavy afternoon downpours. That said, Tucson is fortunate in that it resides at an altitude of 2500ft (750m), so its climate is a tad milder than that of lower-lying destinations such as the state capital Phoenix to the north. The region also has low humidity (referred to in Tucson as dry heat), which means that come nightfall the heat dissipates and temperatures drop markedly.


Berlin - Tourist & Travel Guide

Berlin is a fascinating city year-round, although most visitors arrive between May and September when the weather is the most reliable. Things are busier in high season, but despite the crowds, summer is a lovely time to be here because much of life moves outdoors. Rain is, however, possible in any month, so come prepared. From November to early March, skies tend to be gloomy and the mercury often drops below freezing. On the plus side, there are fewer visitors and shorter queues. Avoid major holidays like Easter, Christmas and New Year and special events like the Love Parade - unless, of course, that's what brings you here in the first place.


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