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Mexico City - Tourist & Travel Guide

Mexico City's climate is temperate year round, though it can get a little nippy at night from November to February. During this period, because of thermal inversion, air pollution is often at its heaviest. You can generally count on April for ubiquitous lilac-colored jacaranda blossoms coupled with nice temperatures. Though the city will sweep you up at any time of the year, the holiday periods of Semana Santa and Christmas to New Year's are particularly jovial, busy times to visit. Many Mexicans do their holidaying in July or August.


North Korea - Tourist & Travel Guide

The best months to visit North Korea are May, June, September and October. In May and June, the worst of winter will be gone and the days will be warming up, in September and October you'll get a brilliant display of autumn colours.


Edinburgh - Tourist & Travel Guide

The climate in Edinburgh is best from May to September, but whenever you go, you're likely to see both sun and rain. In summer, daylight hours are long, and the evenings seem endless. In winter, it's cold and daylight hours are short, but with so much going on, Edinburgh is still worth visiting. Note that the city becomes impossibly crowded during the main festival period - August to early September, and Hogmanay (around 1 January) - so make reservations well ahead of time if you plan to visit then.


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