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Sint Maarten - Tourist & Travel Guide

St Maarten is comfortably warm all year; room rates are cheaper during the low season (December to February).


Guadeloupe - Tourist & Travel Guide

Guadeloupe is warm year-round, but the evenings are coolest in winter (December to February), when temperatures linger in the mid-balmies. February to April are the driest months, with rain falling an average of seven days a month and the humidity keeping in the realm of the tolerable. This is the best time to go, and as such it's also the peak tourist season. The wettest months are July to November, which is also hurricane season, so keep an eye on the weather reports. Most cultural events take place in the spring and summer.


Greenland - Tourist & Travel Guide

If you think bone-chilling weather and long arctic nights when the sun don't shine is not for you, then aim to be there sometime during the summer months: mid-July to the first week in September. This is feel-good time for Greenlanders; the days are long, the tundra is a riot of wild flowers and red berries and there is a general feeling of wellbeing and contentment throughout the land. The trade off for these fabulous Arctic summers is mind-bending plagues of mosquitoes that sting all the way through late June to early August. If you stay on until October, you'll get a ringside seat for the aurora borealis, although the lights can appear as early as August. Just about all Greenlandic festivals and events occur in the summer months. Going in the harsh winter months between December, January and February is just not a good idea unless you're a scientist studying seasonal effects, or a masochist, or both.


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