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Cayman Islands - Tourist & Travel Guide

Given that mid-December to mid-April (winter) is the peak tourist season, when rates are substantially higher and beaches and lodgings more crowded, it's best to go in the summer. There is more rain in summer, but it tends to come in downpours that clear as quickly as they arrive. Nervous Nellies will tell you that this is hurricane season, but the chances that you'll get swept up in the big one are slim. Even so, it's best to keep an eye on the weather reports in the days before your arrival.


Reno - Tourist & Travel Guide

Any time is a good time to visit Reno (especially if you'll be spending most of your time in climate-controlled casinos), although winter can get mighty chilly. Temperatures in July climb up to 90°F (32°C), while in January the daytime temperature is around 40°F (4°C). Snow is no surprise in winter - nevada means snowy in Spanish - but rain is far less frequent. If you want to avoid the hordes, keep in mind that school vacations are from early June to early September, and around Christmas and Easter. From Memorial Day to Labor Day prices will be higher and hotel beds will be harder to come by.


Uruguay - Tourist & Travel Guide

Uruguay's main attraction is its beaches, so most visitors come in summer. Along the littoral, summer temperatures are smotheringly hot, but the hilly interior is cooler, especially at night.


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