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Marshall Islands - Tourist & Travel Guide

Rains are common in the Marshalls from March through April and more so from October through November, but these rarely come down hard enough to be called cyclones. Diving is at its best from May through October, when the water is calmest, though water temperatures are bathlike all year round.


Bangkok - Tourist & Travel Guide

While there's really no bad time to visit Thailand's capital, rain and extreme heat are less frequent between November and February. In Bangkok, April is only recommended to those with portable air conditioners, while October brings the heaviest rains - these are probably the best times to be out of Thailand. The tourists flock to Bangkok in December and August, while the least crowded months tend to be May, June and September.


Bulgaria - Tourist & Travel Guide

Bulgaria has a temperate climate, with cold damp winters and hot dry summers. Spring (April to mid-June) is a good time to visit, with mild and pleasant weather and a host of cultural events taking place. Summer (mid-June to September) has reliable weather, perfect for hiking and outdoor festivals but the beaches on the Black Sea coast can get insanely crowded, and accommodation and camping grounds in coastal resorts tend to fill up. The coast is virtually deserted from mid-September to mid-May. The ski season begins in mid-December and can last until April.


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