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The Hyatt Regency Acapulco

Maybe it's the romantic history of spice ships and pirates; maybe it's the golden beaches, tropical jungles and lagoons; or perhaps it's the high-rise hotels, glittery nightlife and famous daredevil cliff-divers that have made Acapulco the first and foremost resort town in Mexico.

Once a hotbed of Hollywood stars and jet-setting playboys, Acapulco now basks in only slightly faded glory. The beaches are still glorious, the luxury still laid on with a trowel. There's another side to the city, however, and the commercial centre is filthy and congested.

Traditional Mexico is easier to find here than in the country's other resorts and you will likely hear more Spanish spoken than English. But Acapulco is definitely a hedonistic party-goer's town, and doesn't claim to be anything else. The nightlife is legendary and the energy never stops. Most visitors come here to wine, dine and dance the night away to a salsa beat; take part in the wealth of activity in and around the water; and to stretch out on the sun-drenched sand and watch other beautiful people doing the same.

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