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Brussels art-filled Gare Centrale

The city of choice for Eurocrats, Brussels is sumptuously historic and luxuriously cosy. With artistry richer than chocolate, architecture as graceful as its cuisine and diversity frothier than the beer, Brussels is an heirloom of northern culture at its best.

What makes Brussels special? Great seafood in great restaurants, the smell of hot waffles on a cold winter's day, cafes and pubs that never close, the cosmopolitan but neighbourly feel, forests practically on the doorstep, pheasant and truffles in autumn, comic strips, designer shops...

The city's character largely mirrors that of Belgium: confident but modest, and rarely striving to impress. For visitors, it's full of delights - Grand Place, mussels with chips, chocolates and pralines, uncrowded museums, intimate hotels, Art Nouveau and Horta, Tintin, unbelievable beers, and more great restaurants and cafes.

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