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Cabo San Lucas

Many come to Cabo san Lucas for the legendary sportfishing of 'Marlin Alley' though whale-watching is edging out this traditional favorite. If that's not your cup of tequila there are the postcard-perfect beaches or the majestic rocky outcrops at Land's End.

With a handy international airport and gaggles of luxury hotels crowding the beaches, this is no longer an out-of-the-way holiday spot. But there's still plenty of the old Baja beauty to discover - if you can dodge the tourist-industry touts.

The streets are bustling with frenzied college kids, high-rolling golfers and sportfishers, but look through the crowds and by the roadside there might be a small mercado hawking fresh flowers or the best mariscos (seafood) you'll ever taste. Unlike hard-partying CancĂșn, this little fishing town still has its own Mexican character, despite doubling its population during the tourist season.

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