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Cape Cod

'The Cape' - as it's universally called - is among New England's favourite summer vacation destinations and it thrives on tourism. Vacationers come to lose themselves amongst the 400mi (640km) of windswept seashore, in dribs and drabs in the off-season, and in hordes in the warmer months.

Although the Cape hasn't been spared strip malls and fast food clones, the Cape is not short on taste. The colonial towns are graceful and dignified, and shopaholics are well-catered for, too, although good taste may require some detective work in the potpourri of the bric-a-brac stores.

Some of the locals seem to have salt encrusted under their fingernails. The sea shapes history as well as geography, and the Cape's recorded history starts at the very beginning, with the Plymouth pilgrims. But the stars of the show are the perennial favorites, the sea and the shore. There is real New England beauty in the Cape's dune-studded landscapes cloaked in scrub oak and pine, in its fine stands of tall sea grass, and further inshore in the cranberry bogs, forests of birch and beech, the meadows and marshlands.

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