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With one of the most painful histories in Africa, Chad is a nation with its foundations built on the precipice of conflict. A harsh climate, geographic remoteness, poor resource endowment and lack of infrastructure have combined to create a weak economy suceptible to political turmoil.

The country that was classified in the 80s as the poorest nation on earth is usually generously described as 'developing', and while there is a degree of stability and modernisation occurring in Chad, 'surviving' is probably a more apt term.

The cities are still interesting and relatively safe places to visit for the careful traveller - nightlife in the capital is thriving with many popular bars - but visitors should always stick to main routes and keep a low profile. Intrepid travellers are currently able to visit the capitals of ancient desert kingdoms and other attractions in the country. Amnesty International decries the continued use of torture and executions by the government and various rebel armies, but - if it makes you feel better - these atrocities rarely affect travellers.

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