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A significant industrial and commercial center, Cincinnati seems smaller than it appears on a map. The Tri-State area includes Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, and residents include this region in their concept of the city; this spread-out area pushes it into second place population-wise in Ohio.

Despite its size, the cliche of 'big city with small-town feel' is actually appropriate here. Cincinnati's downtown neighbourhood is compact and with little effort you can reach - even on foot - lovely hills overlooking the downtown and Ohio River.

There is no major lure unless you count cheerful typicality - sociologists have ranked Cincinnati one of the nation's most 'typical' cities, by whatever statistical or demographic measure. It was also rated as the best city in America in which to live by Places Rated Almanac in 1994 and generally is in the top 20 of any such ratings. Winston Churchill purportedly called it 'the most beautiful inland city in the country.' Visitors to town may find a wander through one of its well-preserved 19th-century neighborhoods and a meal or two make a pleasant stop. There are also many cultural attractions to consider, and a couple of sections of the downtown are experiencing a revival of sorts.

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