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Fueled by a mid-1990s car industry boom, the Motor City is staging a comeback from its long-running economic decline. As the birthplace of Motown and a national center of African American culture, Detroit is primed to become the new star of the Rust Belt.

Since its 1950s heyday when Detroit was home to more than 2 million residents, the city has suffered some hard times. It was long considered a national symbol of urban decay, the center of the so-called Rust Belt; its population has slipped to around a million. Even the Visitors Bureau closed.

But thanks to the resurrection of the car industry in recent years, Detroit is now staging a steady comeback. It's not a Chicago or even a Cleveland, but the Motor City is culturally rich. Detroit's population is 80% black, making it a national center for African American culture. One of the most famous attractions is the city's Motown Museum where Stevie Wonder first played, and it's worth your while to spend an evening at one of the many music clubs scattered throughout the city.

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