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Faroe Islands

A natural arch at the northern tip of Nolsoy island

Shining like green stones on a grey backcloth, the 18 islands in the Faroes group are undeniably beautiful in a North Atlantic, buffeted-by-gales and tossed-by-sea kind of way. Despite their remote reputation, they aren't that far away if you're in Europe.

The seaside cliffs are teeming with birds. The hiking is magnificent and varied, from craggy headlands with wild surf to desolate moorlands, from cascading waterfalls to snowcapped peaks. Most of the most spectacular parts lie within easy reach of the islands' capital, T├│rshavn.

The ground is daubed with white and yellow where hardy wildflowers bloom for a season, and flocks of sheep scatter maniacally as you pass. Visit in the summer, when the days are long and the weather, while certainly not Hawaii, is passable. After all, a hundred thousand nesting birds can't be wrong.

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