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A statue in the square celebrating justice, Römerberg

Frankfurt is often seen only as a transit hub or a business centre, but it's so much more. It boasts Germany's most spectacular skyline and Europe's tallest office building. It's also the country's most international town; more than a quarter of its citizens are foreign.

The city's Main River mirrors the high-rise skyline that epitomises modern Frankfurt, home to Germany's stock exchange and 400 banking institutions. The modern architecture and financial clout give the city a decidedly American tone - though the nickname 'Mainhattan' is perhaps overdoing it.

Frankfurt throws more money at the arts than any other European city so you'll most likely catch a ground-breaking exhibition at one of its museums, second only to Berlin's as Germany's finest. And if you do happen to get stuck at the mega-airport - beaten only by harrowing Heathrow as Europe's biggest - there's a nightclub, art gallery and X-rated cinema to help while away those in-transit hours.

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