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With a vast sprawl of virgin rainforests and teeming wildlife, Gabon is The Ghost Who Walks territory. Its major cities, however, are a sophisticated bustle of glitz, lights, and casinos. Gabon offers a little of everything to just about everyone.

It's not high on the list of most travellers' itinerary because visas come tied in a mile of red tape and day-to-day expenses, especially in Libreville, are mind-blowingly expensive. But if you can overcome these drawbacks Gabon is worth a visit.

The combination of Texan-tea money and French influence has unfortunately all but destroyed traditional Gabonese culture, but it's still worth passing through if you're taking the western coastal route north or south. Inland it's a different story; despite its wealth, Gabon's roads are not in the best of conditions and once you get off the main roads and railways, getting around is a hard slog.

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