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Quiapo Market

Modern Manila is a teeming metropolis, with huge towerblocks crowding those few examples of colonial architecture that survived the bombing of the city during WWII. Many people use it only as a base for further travel, but the more persistent will discover its friendliness and charm.

Many people dismiss Manila as nothing more than an entry point to more interesting rural destinations in the Philippines. While the less built-up areas do have a lot to offer, those who stop to smell the incense and pollution find that the capital city has a few hidden treasures of its own.

Manila is a modern-looking place (a result of virtual destruction during WWII), but the sprawling city boasts its fair share of colonial ruins - enough to keep those historically inclined amused for a while, anyway.

If you're looking for a good time, Manila could be just the ticket: bars and entertainment venues will keep you well fed, well greased and in the party mood for months on end. There is a high-profile tacky downside to the flashing neon, but there are plenty of options open to you even if you don't want nude dancers on your table. If you make it back to your room at night after all the fun and frolics, you're likely to perform an exhausted manila-folder flop.

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