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The Minnehaha Falls, made famous by Longfellow's epic poem <i>Hiawatha,</i> Minnehaha Park

After years of obscurity, Minneapolis and St Paul are finally trendy. Yah, you betcha, thanks to the efforts of talent like Prince, The Replacements, Garrison Keillor, the filmmaking Coen brothers, and Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, the only US governor who can pull off a flying scissors kick.

It's said that Mark Twain was the first to call Minneapolis and St Paul the 'Twin Cities,' owing to their proximity (less than a dozen miles apart) along the Mississippi River. The Twin Cities are pure heartland USA - industrious and prosperous, heavily into sports, shopping and the great outdoors.

Yet they are not carbon-copy twins. St Paul, the state capital, is smaller and quieter, a sedate midsize city spread across gentle rolling hills. Minneapolis, on the other hand, has the nightlife, bars and buzz of an urban oasis.

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