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Pitcairn Islands

An unholy alliance of renegades from British justice and South Sea islanders from nearby Tahiti settled Pitcairn in 1790, but their ideal of founding a new community quickly soured as the men started wiping out each other's gene pools. Their descendants clung on, however, jumped into the Bible, procreated and went forth. Norfolk Island and New Zealand now have substantial numbers of Bounty descendants, and a small number still till the soil and go to Saturday church on Pitcairn.

The island is not on any international air routes and getting there is strictly for the determined, but that can be precisely the attraction in a world increasingly at our fingertips. While facilities are limited on Pitcairn, you can drop in on your own yacht or from a passing cruiser and spend a day walking, talking to locals, swimming in St Paul's Pool, eating and checking out the points of interest, like ancient Polynesian rock carvings, the Bounty Bible, John Catch a Cow and Bitey Bitey (the local language is, as you may gather, a little quirky).

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