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Art in motion, Pioneer Courthouse Square

With more innercity parks than most cities have parking and a wider range of brewpubs than burger joints, it's no wonder Portland is among the fastest growing cities in the US. To its denizens' delight, the city sits at the junction of two great rivers, ringed by vast forests and ancient volcanoes.

Perennially near the top of the USA's 'most livable cities' list, Oregon's largest city acts as a magnet for young-at-heart go-getter types, where investment bankers wear Birkenstocks, coffee shops double as boardrooms and everybody but everybody's outdoors on the weekend.

Portland's known across the country for its progressive politics, its relaxed pace of life and its love of the outdoors and the environment. But Portlanders love their city for more than the setting. Locals are proud of their vibrant downtown, its myriad eateries and blearied drinkeries, and the unique stamp of its architecture, both antique and shiny new. Drop your preconceptions and slip into something comfier: this ain't your average concrete jungle.

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