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Scottish Highlands and Islands

Every man and his cow, Shetland

Rugged, remote, romantic and rare - Scotland's famous Highlands and Islands make up one of Europe's last great wilderness areas. Return to an era when Sunday was sacred, explore a Stone Age village, spend time with the local wildlife or meet the people that history has failed to humble.

The region boasts Britain's highest peaks and most spectacular glens, fascinating archaeological sites, mysterious loch monsters and massive seabird colonies. It's the place to get your heart pumping by scrambling over dramatic ridges, or slow the pace down by strolling along peaceful waterways.

The very wildness that is so appealing to some is a deterrent to others. The weather can be harsh, yet the sight of scudding clouds and water spilling from storm-wrapped mountains can also be spectacular. When the wind howls across the open moors it can chill you to your very core, yet it can also exhilarate. And when the clouds break and shafts of sunlight play across the landscape - either winter's snow-capped mountains or late summer's heather-covered hills - the countryside is as seductive as a dram of single malt.

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