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Zmajski Most (Dragon Bridge), Ljubljana

Rich in resources, naturally good looking and persistently peaceful, Slovenia has been doing just fine since its break from the former Yugoslavia in 1991. No longer the undiscovered, bargain gem that it was, Slovenia still remains a wonderful antidote to much of Europe's crowds and high prices.

Many of its cities and towns bear the imprint of the Habsburg Empire and the Venetian Republic, while up in the Julian Alps you'd almost think you were in Bavaria. The relative affluence of this country on the 'sunny side of the Alps' is immediately apparent.

Except for a brief period in June and July 1991 when Yugoslavia attempted to forcibly prevent Slovenia from leaving its fold, there's been no fighting, no war and no terrorism in Slovenia. While Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Kosovo became embroiled in the bitterest conflict in Europe since WWII, Slovenes got on with making a good fist of their independence and keeping out of the limelight.

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