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Solomon Islands

A red Big-eye Fish (Priacanthus blochii), found throughout the waters of the Indo-Pacific region

Those lured to the Solomons by the promise of extraordinary natural features will not be disappointed; the islands have a well-deserved reputation as possibly the world's best destination for scuba divers, snorkellers and fishing freaks.

With ancient customs still widely practiced in thousands of small villages, local life is fascinating for visitors. Despite centuries of exploitation and let-downs from Western 'visitors', the locals are generally happy to allow you access to their land, as well as help you find your way around.

Migration from all directions over thousands of years has combined with a scattered, comparatively isolated population to produce a country rich in cultural diversity. Melanesians, Polynesians, Asians, Micronesians and the odd Westerner all call the Solomons home, imbuing the islands with a variety of islander traditions unrivaled in the Pacific.

After its first discovery by the Spanish, the 992-island group was lost for centuries. Despite its long, often bloody history, most historical interest in the Solomons surrounds its pivotal role as a strategic site in the Pacific in WWII. The waters of Iron Bottom Sound are testament to the ferocity and destructive power of battle.

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