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The tents of nomads in the desert between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott

Intrepid travellers will love Mauritania if they're excited by venturing through towns half blanketed in sand, sipping tea with nomads under their colourful tents, crossing plateaus that resemble the moon and looking at prehistoric rock drawings and ancient Saharan architecture.

The biggest attraction Mauritania offers is the very desolation that keeps so many people away. For those with the true spirit of adventure, Mauritania is one of the least trodden spots in the world - and even those who find it godforssaken agree that it's exotic.

To see more than sand outside the small, staid capital of Nouakchott (which has its fair share of sand too) requires some planning and some luck. There are some nice spots for fishing, birdwatching and even surfing along the coast and a few caravan towns in the interior that might be of interest.

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