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Acapulco - Getting there & away, getting around

Acapulco - Getting there & away

Acapulco's Alvarez International Airport is a busy hub, particularly for flights to and from the United States but also from Europe and Canada. Many flights connect through Mexico City or Guadalajara, both short hops from Acapulco. The airport is 23km (14mi) southeast of the city center and there are shuttles that will take you into town. Acapulco has two major 1st-class long-distance bus companies. Both offer frequent services with various levels of luxury to Mexico City and other major cities in the country, from where you can catch cross-border buses. Many car rental companies hire out Jeeps as well as cars. Several have offices at the airport as well as in town, and or offer free doorstop delivery. Acapulco is one of Mexico's busiest ports, and visitors also arrive by cruise ship.

Getting around Acapulco

Acapulco has a good local bus system, with buses every few minutes to most places you'd want to go. The fancier, yellow air-conditioned buses that ply La Costera along the bay cost slightly more. All have their destinations clearly marked on the windshield. Walking along La Costera is easy (although crossing it can be chancy); a novel alternative is a decorated horse-drawn cart.

Taxis are plentiful in Acapulco and cab drivers are happy to take gringos for a ride, especially for fares higher than the official rates. Always agree on the fare before you climb into the cab, and it never hurts to bargain with taxi drivers either. There are several types of taxis; the main ones are the large American-type vehicles, usually available at hotels, and there are also the old-fashioned Volkswagen Beetles, which cruise the streets and are considerably cheaper.

Be aware when trying to find your way around Acapulco that street names and numbers are generally not logical or well marked.

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