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Alicante - Activities

Alicante Activities

The procession of the Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos, celebrating the Christian reconquest of the town from the Arabs, passes the Basilica de Santa Maria

Most visitors to Alicante get to their hotel and then head straight out to the city's gorgeous beaches. There are a multitude of watersports to get the adrenaline pumping, or you can take a leisurely swim or snorkel - if you can drag yourself off your beach towel, that is. The main urban beach, El Postiguet, sits on the Northwestern side of town, at the end of the Explanada de Espana. The nearby La Playa de San Juan offers 7km (4mi) of wide, open beachfront and golden white sands. If you're looking for something more secluded, there's La Albufereta, a small beach sheltered by the headland of the Serra Grossa. If you want a beach where you can get naked, head for Los Judios (Spanish for 'without pants') or the El Saladar (Spanish for 'sunburnt love-parts'). But it's not all beaches and nudity - Alicante also offers tennis and golf, as well as mountain climbing in the nearby Sierra Aitana and scuba diving off the coast of the Isla de Tabarca.

As the sun sets over the beach, get into your hotpants and get on up to Alicante's many bars and nightclubs. You'll find most of the best clubs in the old city centre or El Barrio, but there's also good music and dance action to be found along the Explanada de Espana.

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