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Alicante - Getting there & away, getting around

Alicante - Getting there & away

The El Altlet International Airport, just 10km (6 mi) from Alicante's city centre, has flights from major European cities such as London, Paris and Rome as well as domestic destinations like Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza. A bus service shuttles passengers from the airport to the Plaza del Mar, southwest of the city centre, or you can catch a taxi. Departure tax is factored into ticket prices.

Trains run from Barcelona, Valencia City and Madrid to Alicante's main Renfe Estación de Madrid, while the Estacion de la Marina connects to smaller cities along the coast, including Denia, Benidorm and Altea. From the bus station there are up to nine buses to Valencia daily, services to smaller towns and long-haul routes to Granada, Badrid, Barcelona and Almería. You can get to Alicante by car, on the A-7 motorway from the French border, and the national route N-340 links Alicante to Barcelona and Valencia City. Passenger ships also run to Ibiza and Algiers.

Getting around Alicante

Alicante is not overly endowed with public transport, but then again, it's so small you don't really need much apart from your own feet. As well as the buses that run from Plaza del Mar to the airport via the west side of the bus station, trams run from the Plaza del Mar past the Estacion de la Marina and on to La Albufereta. To go further afield, rent a car or take a taxi. Most of the big international rent-a-car services have outlets at the airport, but keep an eye out for the smaller and much less expensive local car rental companies.

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