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Argentina - Facts for the traveller, when to go, events

Facts for the traveller for Argentina

A full-spectrum landscape Visas: Most foreigners do not need visas and, in theory, are issued free, renewable 90-day tourist cards on arrival.
Health risks: Dengue Fever (Dengue Fever is a hazard in the subtropical north)
Time: GMT/UTC -3
Dialling Code: 54
Electricity: 220V ,50Hz
Weights & measures: Metric

When to Go to Argentina

For residents of the northern hemisphere, Argentina offers the inviting possibility of enjoying two summers in the same year, but the country's great variety and elongated geography can make a visit in any season worthwhile. Buenos Aires' urban attractions, for example, transcend the seasons, but Patagonian destinations, such as the Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz, are best to visit in the summer months (December to February). The IguazĂș Falls in subtropical Misiones province are best in the southern hemisphere's winter or spring when heat and humidity are less oppressive. The winter months (mid-June to late September) also offer the opportunity to go skiing.

Argentina Events

Surprisingly, Argentina has few festivals and fiestas, and most public holidays reflect the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar. Things come to a stop over the Christmas to New Year and Easter periods. Saints' days and provincial holidays are other important events, as are 25 May (commemorating the May Revolution of 1810), Malvinas Day (10 June) and Columbus Day (12 October).

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