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Aruba - Introduction

Introduction to Aruba

This parched speck of an island off the coast of Venezuela has guaranteed sunshine and is blessed with beaches that make you say 'ahhh.' Tourism is the big business here and it's served in a double scoop of Latin coastal coasters and sun bunnies from North America and Holland.

Area: 75 sq km
Population: 68,675
Language: Dutch, Papiamento, English, Spanish; Castilian
Religion: Roman Catholic (82%), Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim
Government: autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Head of State: Governor Olindo Koolman
Head of Government: Prime Minister Nelson O. Oduber
GDP: US$1.5 billion
GDP per capita: US$22,000
Inflation: 3%
Major Industries: Tourism, transshipment facilities, oil refining, offshore banking, phosphates.
Major Trading Partners: USA, EU, The Netherlands, Japan

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