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Aruba - Off the beaten track


Appearing oasis-like in the mostly arid countryside is this surprisingly lush pocket of greenery. Daimari comprises a coconut plantation and a ranch where you can hire a nag to carry you to the gorgeous natural pool at Boca Ketu. If equine is not fine, you can rent a dune buggy just a little further along the track and zoom your way along the 4WD track to the pool.

Guadirikiri Caves

Hidden away in the outer reaches of Arikok National Park, these two cave complexes are just the place to take your special someone if cocktails and in-room spas just aren't making the play. Even with fresh batteries in your flashlight, the caves are damp, dark and batty enough to ensure you'll want to hold hands at the very least.

Guadirikiri even has a bona fide legend to go along with its spookiness: the headstrong daughter of an Indian chief and her unsuitable suitor are said to have been trapped within the cave and left to perish but, defiant after the end, their love-boosted spirits burst through the roof of the caves and shot up to heaven.


Although modest in size, the strange volcanic formation known as Hooiberg ('haystack') can be seen from most parts of the island. Carved steps lead to the top of this 165m (545ft) conical hill, which offers good (if not quite dizzying) views of the island. The parched scrub and cacti landscape around here is perfect Spaghetti Western country, especially around Casibari, to the north of Hooiberg, where giant-sized diorite boulders have been eroded into bizarre shapes by the trade winds.

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