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Bhutan Activities

A local woman from Trongsa peers from a shop window

Rugged mountains, enchanting valleys, meandering rivers, crystal lakes, dense forests and the unspoilt virginity of nature make Bhutan a trekking paradise. While roughing it on spindly trails without anything resembling comfort might seem like an odd way to spend your US$200 a day, trekking is the ideal way to experience rural Bhutanese culture and unspoilt wilderness.

There is no personal equipment available in Bhutan, and nowhere to rent a sleeping bag, so bring your own. Trek operators will provide guides, pack animals, foam mattresses, eating utensils, and kitchen equipment. Trek routes range from the relatively easy three-dayers to veritable expeditions lasting over three weeks.

Though rafting in Bhutan is in its infancy, experts who have scouted the rivers say that is has the potential for some of the best rafting on earth. The fees are the same for normal tourists and trekkers, and there are several specialist companies already offering river programs on rivers ranging from class 3 to 5. The outstanding ones are Mo Chhu, upstream of Punakha in eastern Bhutan, and the Ema Datse Canyon on the Mangde Chhu in central Bhutan.

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