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Further reading on Branson

  • In the Heart of Ozark Mountain Country: A Popular History of Stone and Taney Counties, Including Branson, Missouri by Kathleen Van Buskirk and Frank Reuter, is a general introduction into the history of the area.
  • The Town That Country Built: Welcome to Branson, Missouri by Bruce Cook, introduces country music fans to the town known as a famous hot spot for country music and offers tips for the tourist.
  • The Branson Missouri Scrapbook: A Guide to the New Capital of Country Music by Scott Faragher, is a guide to the small Ozark Mountain town that features photographs, information on nearby resorts and attractions, and opportunities to meet and learn about the country stars who live in Branson.
  • Written in 1907, The Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright, weaves a tale of the lives, loves, hopes and dreams of the Ozark Mountain people.
  • Ozark Mountain Girl by Wilma Groves Harryman and Townsend Godsey, is an autobiographical account of a poor preacher's daughter coming of age in the 1940s, in 'God's Flower Garden', an area in the Ozark Mountains near Branson.

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