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Facts for the traveller for Brisbane

Male Verreaux's tree frog <i>(Litoia verreauxii)</i>

When to Go to Brisbane

While Brisbane doesn't suffer the stifling humidity you'll find further north, it's still most pleasant in winter (June to August) - the days are warm and sunny, the nights cool and it's a delightful contrast to the chilly miserableness further south. However, winter is also the time everyone from Sydney and Melbourne heads north to escape that chilly miserableness, so expect a crowd. Easter and Christmas are also pretty hectic. If you prefer a bit of peace and quiet, try May or October, when the humidity's still OK but the crowds have diminished.

Brisbane Events

On Australia Day (26 January), Kangaroo Point hosts the cockroach races. Brisbane's major festival of the arts, the outdoor Brisbane Festival, is held over two weeks in mid-September. The Royal National Agricultural Show (the 'Ekka') is held at the Exhibition Grounds in mid-August. There's also a 12-day international film festival in August, the Livid alternative rock festival in October, an international comedy festival in April and a biennial music festival every second June (odd years).

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