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Cape Verde - Money & Costs

Money & Costs in Cape Verde

Dusk at Yoff Currency: Escudo Caboverdiano
  • Budget: US$5-10
  • Mid-range: US$10-15
  • High: US$15+

  • Lodging
  • Budget: US$10-25
  • Mid-range: US$25-50
  • High: US$50+

  • Luxury is not a conspicuous feature of Cape Verdean accommodation or dining. You could spend US$100 a day and nearly max out what's on offer, though islandhopping, scuba diving and souvenir hunting will all rachet up your budget. Moderate travel will run closer to US$50 a day, though you can get by for less if you pick your accommodation with care and do some self-catering. Budget travellers can squeak by for well under US$50 a day if they stick to inexpensive resthouses and restaurants.

    Banks in the major towns can change money and travellers' cheques. Some hotels in Praia will also change US dollars into escudos. There's no bank at the Praia airport, so be sure to unload your excess escudos in town before you leave.

    Expect to tip 10% in better restaurants, but check the bill carefully to be sure a service charge hasn't already been added.

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