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Cape Verde - Off the beaten track

Silk cotton (<i>kapak</i> or <i>bombak</i>) tree


Brava is the smallest of the inhabited islands and only three hours west of Fogo by ferry. It's mountainous and one of the most scenic islands, offering some of the best hiking opportunities in Cape Verde.

Santo Antão

Santo Antão, just north of São Vicente, is one of the most beautiful islands and well worth a visit. The greenest island in the archipelago, it's one of the few places where you'll see lots of trees. None of the towns on the island is particularly interesting, but what's special is the hilly and relatively lush interior; hikers will love it. There are flights between Santo Antão and Mindelo (on São Vicente) three times a week; you can connect at Mindelo with flights to Praia. There's also a ferry between the island and Mindelo; the trip takes about an hour each way, but even on this short stretch the seas can be pretty rough.

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