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About 1100km (680mi) from the capital, Fada is a small oasis town with around 5000 inhabitants. It's a modest town nestled in a beautiful area with weird rock formations and several fascinating grottos containing cave paintings, most over 5000 years old. The famous Guelta d'Archei geological formation is about 80km (50mi) from town. Hitching with trucks can take anywhere from three to five days, but saves you the hassle of finding a guide (best done in Kouba) and working your own way there. If you approach Fada from Abéché, you'll pass Libyan tanks rusting by the side of the road.


One of the largest oasis towns in the world, Faya is the administrative capital of the north. Amazingly, here in the centre of the Sahara, 2000km (1240mi) from the nearest ocean, where a decade can pass without a drop of rain falling, the main economic earner is agriculture. There is a huge reservoir of subterranean water that makes wheat, dates and figs profitable crops. Faya is 948km (590mi) north of N'Djamena and reachable in two days by 4WD. Hitching with trucks is possible, but the trip will take twice as long.

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