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East Timor - Getting there & away, getting around

East Timor - Getting there & away

Air services into Dili's Comoro airport are still very limited. Air North flies to/from Darwin, Australia, daily (flight time two hours), but from the rest of the world it's a case of flying into Bali and then taking one of Merpati's Denpasar-Dili flights (four flights per week). An international departure tax of US$10 is payable when leaving East Timor.

The Batugede border crossing to Indonesian West Timor is open, but there are no regular bus services. The crossing at Oesilo in Oecussi is also currently open. A weekly barge links Dili and Oecussi, loaded with freight and passengers, but passenger ships no longer operate to East Timor from Indonesia.

Getting around East Timor

East Timor has lots of public transport options, including buses, mikrolets and taxis. Getting from town to town or around Dili is no problem. You can rent ex-Australian post office motorcycles from East Timor Backpackers. Mountain bike hire is available, and central Dili is easily explored on foot. The less energetic can hire a car in Dili.

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