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Equatorial Guinea - Getting there & away, getting around

Equatorial Guinea - Getting there & away

Two flights a week from Madrid, Spain, takes you to the capital, Malabo. This is the best route if travelling direct from the US to Equatorial Guinea. Regular flights to Douala in Cameroon also run, and these link up with direct flights to various European cities including London, Paris and Rome. There are also flights from several west and central African capitals.

Most arrive at Rio Muni by minibus from either Cameroon or Gabon. If you're then heading to Bioko, you can either fly or catch the ferry. Arranging to put your own car on the ferry may be the thing that finally breaks you on your African jaunt - you'd be well advised to leave it in Bata and avoid the frustration. Bush taxis are also an option, although few travellers are attracted to the uncertainty of this means of travel.

Getting around Equatorial Guinea

The country's national airline schedules six flights a week from Malabo to Bata. On Bioko there are good bush taxi connections around the island, while in Rio Muni about three minibuses a day run each way along the coast road between Bata and Acalayong and six a day head inland to Ebebiyin. The country has only one completely sealed road, but you'll be unlikely to use it - it links the president's tiny hometown with another tiny town in the remote east of the country.

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