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Equatorial Guinea - Enviornment

Equatorial Guinea Environment

The country is made up of two provinces - Bioko Island lies 40km (25mi) off the coast of Cameroon in the Bight of Biafra, and Rio Muni, the much larger area, lies on the mainland coast between Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the south and east.

Equatorial Guinea is thick with vegetation. Being an extinct volcano, Bioko has extremely rich soil, encouraging the rapid growth of trees and vines. Farmers spend much of their time keeping the ever-encroaching vines from overwhelming their cocoa plantations. Rio Muni, having been largely bypassed by the 20th century, is equally thick with vegetation and boasts an abundance of wildlife, including elephants, lions and gazelle.

Equatorial Guinea is a rainy, tropical country. On Bioko Island the rainy season is from July through to January, while on the mainland, rainfall is lighter and peaks from April to May and from October to December.

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