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Germany - Introduction

Introduction to Germany

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Germany wears its riches well: elegant big-city charm, small picture-postcard towns, pagan-inspired harvest festivals, a wealth of art and culture and the perennial pleasures of huge tracts of forest, delightful castles and fine wine and beer are all there for the savouring.

Full country name: Federal Republic of Germany
Area: 357,021 sq km
Population: 82.39 million
Capital City: Berlin (pop: 3.5 million)
People: Predominantly Caucasian, with significant Turkish minority. Germany has also absorbed many refugees from the former Yugoslavia.
Language: German
Religion: 90% Christian. There are 1.7 million Muslims and about 74,000 Jews (the pre-Holocaust figure was over half a million).
Government: Federal republic
Head of State: President Johannes Rau
Head of Government: Chancellor Gerhard Schröder
GDP: US$2.16 trillion
GDP per capita: US$26,200
Annual Growth: 2.7%
Inflation: 1%
Major Industries: motor vehicles, engineering, chemicals, iron, steel, coal, electronics, environmental technology, food, clothing
Major Trading Partners: EU (esp. France, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Belgium/Luxembourg, ), USA, Japan
Member of EU: yes

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