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Honduras - Introduction

Introduction to Honduras

Façade of the Cathedral, built between 1765 and 1782, Plaza Morazán, Tegucigalpa

Honduras is the original banana republic, but travel there is easy, enjoyable and inexpensive. The slow pace, natural beauty and low-profile tourism make it particularly appealing to travellers (well-armed with insect repellent) who enjoy getting off the beaten track.

Full country name: Republic of Honduras
Area: 112,492 sq km
Population: 6.24 million
People: 90% Mestizo, 7% Indian, 2.5% Garifuna
Language: Spanish; Castilian, Carib
Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic, plus other Christian sects and indigenous forms of worship
Government: democratic constitutional republic
Head of State: President Ricardo Maduro
GDP: US$14.1 billion
GDP per capita: US$2,050
Annual Growth: -3%
Inflation: 14%
Major Industries: Coffee, bananas, beef, sugar cane, tobacco, forestry
Major Trading Partners: EU, USA, Japan

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