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Honduras - Off the beaten track

Vendor selling pots and pans at a street market, San Pedro Sula, Cortés

El Tigre

This 783m (2568ft) high volcanic island in the Golfo de Fonseca is home to the quiet fishing village of Amapala, a couple of decent beaches and some good walks. Apart from the tranquility, the other major drawcards are the good views and the seafood. Small boats and a car ferry access the island from Coyolito.

Hog Islands

The Cayos Cochinos, or Hog Islands, are a group of small, privately owned islands and cays, 17km (10mi) off the coast near La Ceiba. They were once inhabited by Maya, but got their name from the conquistador Cortés, who tried to farm them. There is good snorkelling and diving around the islands, some of which have black coral reefs. Boats to the islands can be hired from Nueva Armenia, 40km (25mi) east of La Ceiba. There is an up-market resort on one of the islands, but you should be able to camp on the cays if you ask the owners' permission.


This vast, inaccessible region in northeastern Honduras is inhabited by small groups of Miskito, Paya and Sumo Indians. Travellers are attracted by the pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife, including manatees, monkeys, alligators and fine bird life. Infrastructure is nonexistent, so be prepared to rough it, carry in food supplies and eat with local families. Attractions include the magnificent Río Plátano Nature Reserve and boat trips on the rivers and lagoons.

Parque Nacional Marino Punta Sal

There are mangrove forests, swamps, a small tropical rainforest, offshore reefs and a rocky point in this exquisite national marine park. The area, west of Tela, is completely unspoilt and undeveloped, so visitors need to take their own food and a tent or hammock. Getting to the park is an adventure in itself and takes about two days by a combination of bus, truck, boat and walking. Access will improve under plans laid down by the Tela Bay Development Project, but the environmental impact of this scheme has not been calculated. See the park while you can.

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