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Macedonia - Getting there & away, getting around

Macedonia - Getting there & away

With the demise of JAT Yugoslav Airlines, a number of local carriers have emerged offering direct flights from Skopje to cities in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. There is also an international airport at Ohrid. The airport departure tax is about US$12.

The international bus station in Skopje has buses to Sofia, Tirana, Istanbul and Belgrade daily and to Munich twice weekly. To and from Croatia, you must travel through Belgrade and Hungary. To and from Albania, you can travel between Skopje and Tirana by bus or walk across the border at Sveti Naum near Ohrid.

Express trains run five times a day between Skopje and Belgrade, via a town called Nis. Trains run twice a day between Skopje and Thessaloniki. If you're interested in travelling further into Greece, it's best to buy a ticket only to Thessaloniki and then get another on to Athens from there. There's no direct rail link between Macedonia and Bulgaria, and the train's not recommended for travel between Sofia and Skopje as you're forced to change trains in Yugoslavia and a visa will be required.

Getting around Macedonia

Bus travel is well developed in Macedonia with fairly frequent services from Skopje to Ohrid and Bitola. Always book buses to and from Ohrid well in advance. Conversely, you won't find Macedonian trains of much use. The local train from Skopje to Bitola, for example, takes four hours to cover 230km (140mi).

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