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Mauritania - Further reading

Further reading on Mauritania

  • A Field Guide to the Birds of West Africa by Serle and Morel offers information for ornothologists and novices alike about the thriving coastal birdlife of the region.
  • Books specific to Mauritania are rare, but Longman have published a series of histories of West Africa, including West Africa: An Introduction to its History by Michael Crowder and West Africa since 1800 by Webster and Boahen.
  • An economic and political study of the region is West African States edited by John Dunn. It's one of the best books on the topic, and more readable that Douglas Rimmer's systematic, analytical survey of the region, The Economies of West Africa.
  • The Africans is an award-winning book by Pulitzer Prize nominee David Lamb. Low on depth but high on entertainment, Lamb travels to 46 countries, interviewing guerilla leaders and presidents.
  • Lloyd Timberlake's Africa in Crisis is a study of the political and environmental factors of drought and famine. Special attention is paid to the involvement of western aid organisations.
  • Travels in West Africa by free-spirit Mary Kingsley was first published in 1897. It chronicles the spinster's two trips through the Gabon, facing every calamity with fortitude and good humour.

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