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Milan - Getting there & away, getting around

Milan - Getting there & away

Milan has long been a crossroads for travel between the Continent and the peninsula, and there are plenty of options for getting in and out of town.

The Malpensa airport handles almost all international flights. It's about 50km northwest of the city. Most domestic and some European flights use Linate airport, about 7km east of the city centre. Public transportation links both airports to the city centre. The bus system is rather difficult to negotiate; bus stations are scattered across town, so you'll need to know which line runs to your destination and go from there. A better option might be the train; lines from Stazione Central in the city centre run to all parts of Italy and Europe. There are two other stations, Nord and Porte Garibaldi, that may offer better deals.

Many of Italy's main motorways converge at Milan's ring road, known as the Tangenziale Est and Tangenziale Ovest. Prepare to deal with unexpected traffic on your way into and out of Milan, particularly on the busy A4 west to Torino.

Getting around Milan

Milan's public transportation system is efficient. There are four underground lines, with a fifth being considered, as well as buses and trams. Tickets are available at Metropolitana Milanesa (MM) stations and some newspaper stands. You can sometimes get a free public transport map from ATM offices at the Duomo metro station and Stazione Central.

Don't bother trying to hail taxis as they generally won't stop. Head for one of the ubiquitous taxi ranks, which have telephones. Driving through central Milan is a hassle. One-way streets seem designed to keep cars out, you'll need to pay to park (if you can find a space) and the limit is two hours during the day. Illegally parked cars are gleefully fined or towed. A better plan is to leave your car at an outlying MM station.

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