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Further reading on Milan

  • If you're heading over to Milan to start a new life then Living, Studying and Working in Italy: Everything You Need to Know to Fulfill Your Dreams of Living Abroad by T Neighbour and M Larner, would be prudent bedtime reading.
  • In The Work of Ettore Sottsass and Associates Anita Banzini et al give you an insight into the work of one Milan's greatest design teams.
  • If you are interested in Renaissance Milan read A Convent Tale: A Century of Sisterhood in Spanish Milan by P Renee Baernstein for the fascinating story of a group of confined nuns.
  • If crime fiction is your game then check out local author Laura Grimaldi for some great Milanese action. Hard-boiled fans can uncover the city's secrets with Milan's greatest physician turned crime solver 'Duca Lamberti' created by Giorgio Scerbanenco, in titles including Duca and the Milan Murders.

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