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Further reading on Moscow

  • Holy Russia by Sir Fitzroy Maclean: Maclean is a Scot who was a diplomat in Moscow in the 1930s; he's a great storyteller with a passion for the place, and this is a good short history.
  • Peter the Great - His Life & World by Robert K Massie: A good read about one of Russia's most famous and influential writers.
  • Lenin's Tomb by David Remnick: This flowing account of the Gorbachev era and its end won a Pulitzer for Remnick, a Washington Post correspondent; it combines analytic history with hundreds of interviews.
  • Discovering Moscow by Helen Boldyreff Semler: A lovingly compiled guide to just about every pre-1917 building of interest in the capital, full of detail about their past inhabitants.
  • Blue Guide Moscow and Leningrad by Evan Mawdsley: A fine-tooth reference book about the architecture and history of both cities, dense with detail about every doorway you pass.
  • On the Golden Porch by Tatyana Tolstaya: A collection of stories about big souls in little Moscow flats.
  • A Travel Guide to Jewish Russia & Ukraine by Ben G Frank: An impressive work documenting Jewish culture and its effects on these lands.
  • Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith: That rare thing, a gripping thriller written with an artist's eye for character and setting.
  • Archangel by Robert Harris: This bittersweet book captures the mood of late 1990s Moscow.

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