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Mumbai - Getting there & away, getting around

Mumbai - Getting there & away

Mumbai is the main international gateway to India, with far more flights than Delhi, Kolkata or Madras. It also has the busiest network of domestic flights, including flights to Aurangabad near the Ellora and Ajanta caves. The international terminal (Sahar) and the domestic terminal (Santa Cruz) are 30km (20mi) and 25km (15mi) respectively from downtown Mumbai. There are regular shuttle buses between the two terminals. Long-distance buses depart from the state road transport terminal opposite Mumbai's Central railway station. It's fairly chaotic, and there are almost no signs or information available in English. The state bus companies of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh all have offices here.

Two railway systems operate out of Mumbai. Central Railways handles services to the east and south, plus a few trains to the north. Western Railways has services to the north from Churchgate and Central stations. Trains travel frequently between Mumbai and Agra (1345km/835mi), Ahmedabad (490km/305mi), Aurangabad (375km/235mi), Bangalore (1210km/750mi), Kolkata (1960km/1215mi), Chennai (1280km/795mi), Delhi (1385km/860mi), Kochi (1840km/1140mi), Pune (190km/120mi) and Varanasi (1510km/935mi).

Getting around Mumbai

Mumbai has one of the best public bus systems of any major Indian city. However, it's red double-decker buses are gradually being crippled by the city's unbelievable traffic congestion. There's also an extensive system of suburban electric trains, but avoid rush hours when trains are so crowded that you have to start making your way towards the door at least three stops before you want to get off. Mumbai has a huge fleet of metered black-and-yellow taxis but, unlike most other Indian cities, no auto-rickshaws in the city centre. Taxi meters are out of date, so fares are calculated by using a conversion card.

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