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Niue - Getting there & away, getting around

Niue - Getting there & away

Polynesian Airlines has direct flights to Niue from Auckland and Samoa.

Hanan airport is 3km (2mi) south-east of central Alofi. Tour buses and taxis travel between the airport and the island's tourist destinations, and most hotels offer airport transfers. There are no passenger sea crossings, but yachties have 18 moorings to choose from off Alofi wharf (NZ$5/US$2 per day). Departure tax by both sea and air is NZ$20 (US$8).

Getting around Niue

Niue has some 130km (80mi) of paved road but no public transport, so the options for getting around are limited to vehicle hire, taxis and some good old walking. Follow the 65km (40mi) circuit road to circumambulate or cycle round the island, or head inland on any of the 170km (105mi) or so of bush tracks crossing the central plateau. Cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles are all available for hire. Driving is on the left-hand side of the road, and speed limits are 40km/h (25m/h) in town and 60km/h (37m/h) out of town; perambulating chickens are a hazard in daylight, and crabs dot the roads on wet nights.

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