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Further reading on Phoenix

  • The history of the city is given in Phoenix: The History of a Southwestern Metropolis, by Bradford Luckingham; Phoenix, Valley of the Sun, by Wesley Johnson Jr; and Phoenix in the Twentieth Century, edited by Johnson.
  • Roadside Geology of Arizona, by Halka Chronic, is a good, well-illustrated guide for the curious non-geologist. Geology of Arizona by Dale Nations and Edmund Stump is a more technical overview of the state's rocks, sediments and crustal creeping.
  • Arizona Wildlife Viewing Guide, by John N Carr, lists scores of places to see wildlife and rates the likelihood of seeing the most important species at specific sites.
  • The best introduction to the region's Native Americans is the Southwest volume (volume 9) of the Handbook of North American Indians.
  • Two books trace the settlements of various Native American groups around Phoenix: Archaeology in the City: A Hohokam Village in Phoenix, Arizona, by Michael Bartlett and Thomas Kolaz; and The Historic Archaeology of Heritage Square, by Mark Hackbarth.
  • Those Who Came Before, by Robert & Florence Lister, is an excellent, readable source of information about the archaeological sites of the national parks and monuments of the Southwest.
  • The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: The Desert States, by Michael Durham, is a beautifully illustrated guide to the historic sites of the region.
  • Other ethnic groups are the focus of Bradford Luckingham's Minorities in Phoenix: A Profile of Mexican American, Chinese American, and African American Communities, 1860-1992.
  • Tell your postmodern from your Pueblo with A Guide to the Architecture of Metro Phoenix, by the Central Arizona Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.
  • Phoenix also has a major role in Terry McMillan's Waiting to Exhale.

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