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Portland Activities

Sculpture detail at the Japanese-American Historical Plaza, Tom McCall Waterfront Park

If you're outdoorsy, then you've come to the right place. With access to some of Oregon's best wilderness, there's plenty of hiking to be done - even the city's Forest Park has over 50mi (80km) of trails. Handy to downtown Portland, Washington Park has the Wildwood Trail that starts at the zoo and goes through 30mi (48km) of forest. The Columbia River offers up excellent windsurfing conditions, and the Pacific's beaches are around 90 minutes to the west.

Oregan's big drawcard, however, is Mt Hood, the state's highest peak that is the world's most climbed peak after Mt Fuji. The mountain has great skiing, tubing and snowboarding especially at Mt Hood SkiBowl, the largest night-ski area in the US, and at the year-round skiing center, Timberline. Around the mountain, there's plenty of opportunities to go cross-country skiing and, if you really want to work those legs, snowshoeing. Still haven't got enough of the winter sports? Well, there's also ice-climbing, best between May and September with several guides on hand.

The Pacific Nortwest is a magnet for freshwater fishing with rivers replete with trout, steelhead and sturgeon to tighten your line. For dirty, but decent mountain biking check out the old dirt logging roads in Forest Park for off-road action.

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