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Portugal - Money & Costs

Money & Costs in Portugal

Portugal's awash with cruisy canals Currency: Euro
  • Budget: €4-7
  • Mid-range: €7-20
  • High: €20+

  • Lodging
  • Budget: €8-20
  • Mid-range: €20-40
  • High: €40+

  • Although costs are beginning to rise as Portugal falls into fiscal step with the EU, this is still one of the least expensive places to travel in Europe. On a rock-bottom budget - using hostels or camping grounds and mostly self-catering - you could squeeze by on about €25-30 per person in the high season. With bottom-end accommodation and the occasional inexpensive restaurant meal, daily costs would hover around €30-45. Travelling with a companion and timing your trip to take advantage of off-season discounts, you could eat and sleep in relative style for about €50-70 for two. Outside major tourist areas, prices dip appreciably.

    If you're not unhappy with the service, a reasonable restaurant tip is about 5% to 10%. For a snack, a bit of loose change is enough. Taxi drivers appreciate about 10% of the fare. Good-humoured bargaining is acceptable in markets but you'll find the Portuguese tough opponents. Off season, you can sometimes bargain down the price of accommodation.

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