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Rwanda - Facts for the traveller, when to go, events

Facts for the traveller for Rwanda

A family group of mountain gorillas in the vicinity of the Visoke volcano Visas: All foreign nationals bar those from other East African countries, Canada, Germany and the USA need a visa to visit Rwanda. A visa arranged in advance of your visit will require US$60 and two passport photos, and will allow you to stay for up to three months, if requested; visas of the double or multiple-entry variety are recommended to give you flexibility when it comes to visiting neighbouring countries. But keep in mind that unless you enjoy the prospect of being tied up in red tape and beaten senseless with a manilla folder, it's generally best to organise the visa after you've arrived in East Africa. At the Rwandan border, 15-day visas are issued in a matter of minutes for US$60. Visa extensions of up to 90 days are available at the Ministry of the Interior near Kigali within a day or two of applying (though sometimes much longer) for around US$30 a month depending on the length of the extension. You may be asked for proof of yellow fever vaccination.
Health risks: Malaria (Malaria is a reisk in low-lying regions), Cholera, Hepatitis, Typhoid, HIV/AIDS, Yellow Fever
Time: GMT/UTC +2
Dialling Code: 250
Electricity: 220V AC
Weights & measures: Metric

When to Go to Rwanda

Unless you literally want to soak up the atmosphere, the only time that is not ideal for visiting Rwanda is when the long rains descend from mid-March to mid-May.

Rwanda Events

Rwanda's public holidays include Democracy Day (8 January), National Day (1 July), Harvest Festival (1 August) and Culture Day (8 September), as well as the standard celebrations of New Year's Day, Easter and Christmas.

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