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Rwanda - Introduction

Introduction to Rwanda

Cattle on heavily cultivated land at the base of the Visoke volcano

The name Rwanda once evoked images of the amazing mountain gorillas and breathtaking mountain views, until the country was devastated by bloodshed. Still, much of it has been rebuilt by its inhabitants, the economy has been resurrected, and travellers can now move around much more safely.

Full country name: Rwanda
Area: 26,300 sq km
Population: 7.4 million
People: Hutu (80%), Tutsi (19%), Twa (1%)
Language: Kinyarwanda, English, French
Religion: Christian (65%), tribal religions (25%), Muslim (10%)
Government: republic - presidential, multiparty system
Head of State: President Paul Kagame
GDP: US$5.9 billion
GDP per capita: US$720
Annual Growth: 5.3%
Inflation: 10%
Major Industries: cement, agriculture, soap, furniture, shoes
Major Trading Partners: Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Kenya and Tanzania

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