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Saint Kitts & Nevis - Culture

Saint Kitts & Nevis Culture

Unlike many Caribbean peoples, Kittitians (Kit-TEE-shuns) and Nevisians (Nee-VEE-shuns) haven't been deeply affected yet by the growth of tourism, which isn't a major part of the economy. The islands draw upon a mix of European, African and West Indian traditions. Architecture is predominantly British and cricket is the national sport, but music and dance are very much West Indian and African. Masquerades, St Kitts' popular folk troupe, performs dances ranging from a traditional French quadrille to a spirited African war dance. The troupe wears colorful costumes of a unique West Indian design.

While Kittitians and Nevisians amicably coexist - they share essentially the same culture, and most Nevisians live on St Kitts - they are fierce rivals. Their annual cricket match is an intense affair, and Nevis inches closer to full independence with each session of the House of Assembly.

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